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I have decided that I will attempt to write the story about various members of the Kelland family who appear in my family tree and emigrated to America in the nineteenth century. It is all written in good faith as I understand the stories to be at this time, which of course may subsequently be found to contain some inaccuracies. Should anyone who reads this tale be able to add more information or correct any mistakes please let me know so that I can amend the story.

From research done by the late Michael Stanley on behalf of the Kelland Society, there was a John Kelland born circa 1787, to a Thomas & Thomasine Kelland, who was baptised on Christmas Day in 1787 at Dulverton, Somerset.

On 21 April 1808 there was a John Kelland, a shoemaker, who married Susanna Deane at Chard in Somerset. At this moment in time I have assumed that these two John Kelland records refer to one and the same person. Very few Kellands appear in the early Parish records for Somerset, the root of the Kelland name being in Devon.

From the IGI records for Somerset there are only 2 baptisms listed in Chard. Firstly a George Kelland, who was baptised at the High St Independent Church, Chard nr Taunton on 17 April 1811 and secondly a Thomas Kelland again baptised at the High St Independent Church, Chard, the date being shown as 5 May 1811. On neither of these records are the parents’ Christian names given. I have not yet checked the original Parish records for these two entries Kelland, and there is some confusion as to the years of birth for George and Thomas.

From this point forward I am 99% certain that my subsequent research is the correct line which leads to myself although there may be some ambiguity with some dates.  Prior to this point, although reasonably confident the line is right I could stand correction if further data came to light at some time in the future.

I intend, at sometime in the future, to include the family tree which lists the descendants of Thomas Kelland born c1808 (bap. 5.5.1811). This research was carried out by David T. Kelland, his great x 3 grandson. At the present time I am not writing about Thomas and his descendants, but of his brother George and his descendants. Perhaps some day I may try to encourage David T. to commit all his knowledge of his branch of the family to paper.

At this point I think I will just explain about how I came to be researching my family tree, and the Kellands in particular.

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